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Say it Proud, Say It Out Loud: 6 Steps to Create the Perfect Vision Board

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Have you ever felt like you’re standing in the exact right place, at the exact right time? Yeah, we have too. It’s a pretty epic feeling and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it sure is good. The foxiest babe of them all, VIXEN owner, Venessa Johnson made a vision board a few years ago, and she recently found herself gazing up at the Eiffel Tower. She was in the right place, at the right time. 


She set herself up for success, so when the opportunity presented itself, she could grab it by horns. Plus, from the sound of it she had the trip of a lifetime. It’s time to say goodbye to fear,a and hello to adventure. She had made a vision board about traveling to Europe, and you guessed it, the Eiffel Tower was at the forefront of her mind. She slayed her dreams and transformed them into a damn good reality.

Vision boarding is a simple tool, that makes a big difference. What better way to remind you of your dreams than to see them everyday. If you think they’re lame, sorry babe, joke is on you. Seeing is believing. Have you ever seen a girl on Insta and her make-up was even more flawless in real life? Yeah, it’s like that. Everyone from Olympic athletes to CEO’s envision their future and their goals, and trust us, it’s a whole hell of a lot easier to accomplish them when you can visualize them everyday.

Visualization helps encourage improved motivation, coordination, and concentration. At the same time, it helps reduce anxiety and fear-- ain’t nobody got time for that!

It’s now or never! Whether it’s exploring the world, running a marathon, or starting your own gig, life doesn’t come with a GPS, or roadmap for that matter. It’s time to put on your big girl pants, add a little hustle, and take control of your own destiny #girlpower.

Here’s how we vision board and a few tips to make that sh*t happen.

Let’s do it. Here’s what you need.

  1. A Blank Slate. Both physically, and mentally. Time to let go of all that ish that’s holding you back and hit reset. Grab a poster board, canvas, piece of wood, or anything else you want to work on. I suggest starting small, so you don’t become overwhelmed. This is your blank slate. This is where it all begins.
  2. Inspiration + Motivation. Last time I checked inspiration doesn’t just come from finding your zen in yoga class, you can find it anywhere. Time to search for anything that inspires you, from magazines to postcards, and everything in between. Do you have a travel brochure of your dream adventure? Or an ah-mazing photo of your friends from that killer summer BBQ? What about that new saying that’s your go-to QOTD? Grab some of your favorite magazines, books, or other pieces of inspo and focus on things that make you feel real good and go from there.
  3. The Right Tools. Get your scissors, glue, and tape ready. Want to throw some glitter on there? Don’t worry we won’t judge. Get ready to make your vision board look fierce as you set yourself up for success.
  4. Take Yo Time. Set aside a few hours and put on your fav playlist or movie. You can work alone, or host a vision boarding party with friends. Make your space as welcoming as possible. Are you into saging? Want to burn some incense? If that’s not your thing, maybe you want to jam to some Morrissey? Have a dance party in your living room? Do whatever gets your creative juices going. Snacks are recommended and wine is highly encouraged.
  5. Get This Party Started. Everyone's’ process looks a little different, so do what’s best for you. Personally, I like to collect my inspiration, organize it on my board, and then trim down the edges all before gluing it down (type A much? yep!). Others prefer to go with the flow, ripping edges, adding texture, and creating badass, free-flowing masterpieces. You can organize your board by theme (i.e the right corner focuses on relationships, while the left corner focuses on travel, etc.), or you can have it cohesively intermingle. You want to know the best part about vision boarding? If you focus on what inspires you, there’s no wrong way to do it.
  6. Show Us What You Got. Post your vision board where you will see it everyday. You’re not focusing on your goals in order to hide them in the corner, this isn’t about living a life of fear, it’s about living a life where you’re calling the shots. So, take your board and post them up loud and proud! Whether it be on your wall, at your desk, or in your bathroom, put them somewhere that will remind you just where this crazy thing called life is taking you!

Vision boards don’t guarantee success, but they’re a hell of a good place to start! So, stop being afraid of your dreams and start taking control of your destiny. Say them out loud, post them up, and tell your friends all about it. The more you share, the more accountability you’ll build for yourself. Set yourself up, so you can be standing in the exact right place, at the exact right time.


The VIXEN Team

P.S. Whether you’re new to vision boarding or a seasoned expert, so us your vision boards or tell us your goals in the comments. If you'd like to gather with other VIXEN babes and have a fun night of vino and vision board making then join us for our event on February 9th.  More details to follow!

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