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So the New Year is in full effect babe, and you’re still trying to wrap your head around where the fuck the time went. Don’t fret, a powerful New Moon in Capricorn is on the horizon and it’s the perfect time to plant those manifesting seeds. On January 17th there will be a New Moon in Capricorn. New Moon’s are a time to manifest. It is a time to plant seeds that will come to fruition by the full moon. So how does that play out for you? I’m glad you asked. Capricorn is the sign of manifestation. Think about it. After Sagittarius, the sign of the wander, the dreamer, the guru, that’s looking at the big picture, we enter Capricorn. Capricorn will manifest those dreams of Sag in a practical way. Read your Rising Sign/Sun Sign below to see how the new Moon will affect you. Take this time to set those intentions and work with the energy to make your 2018 dreams come true.
ARIES: You fiery little firecracker you. The new moon is in your 10th house. Your 10th house is the house of career and status. Now is the time to get serious and make money moves around career and your status in the world. You could have a status change with a career change, a title change, an industry change relating to your career. Status could also come in the form of marriage. Some people might see changes in their marital status. Whatever the case the changes in this area will be changes that people in your community can see.  All change is for our greatest good and with Uranus moving into your 2nd house shortly there are chances to break free and create the future you long for in the months ahead surrounding your career and finances. 
TAURUS: You are as steady as a bull but with this new moon you might want to make moves. Taurus you normally want to be grounded and you love your stability, however, with this new moon lighting up your 9th house of faraway travel spirituality, art, philosophy, and higher education, you can expect to see changes. You might want to plan a faraway trip, you could be dealing with immigration matters, you could want to go back to school to higher your education, you could feel you have reached new heights in your life and now want to teach what you have learned. You could even be having a spiritual awakening and now are interested in learning more about spiritual practices. I have a feeling this thirst for knowledge and spirituality can land you in some faraway lands and on some adventures.
GEMINI: This New Moon is activating your 8th house. This is a deep house of mutual resources, other peoples money, taxes, money that you did not earn but got through other peoples resources, things that control you, transformation, hidden fears and desires, and sex. Something surrounding your spouse’s income can come up with this placement. Or you could face a fear that has been controlling you and realize it was not that scary at all. This house is transformative, it deeply changes you. Sometimes there are growing pains but it is for your highest good. I see this as a time to surrender to your fears face them and conquer them. When you step out on the other side you will feel so empowered and no longer controlled by the unknown. With Capricorn here, you will be ready to do this in a practical way taking it one task at a time, day by day, but getting it done. You could also manifest some of your wildest dreams by doing the hard work and releasing some of the blocks/greatest subconscious fears you had in the past that were holding you back from stepping into your power.
CANCER: Get ready emotional Cancer because this New Moon is focusing on relationships. This could be romantic or business partnership but either way, there is new life coming to you in this area. With Capricorn in this area of your life, you can manifest in a slow and steady way the partner you have always wanted. Capricorn is very practical and you can be sure your partner will meet the “requirements” set forth by discerning Capricorn. Capricorn rules time, it is steady, it likes to work so your love or partner interest, might take time. It might be work (which you will enjoy working hard at) but it will be rewarded in the end if you keep at it slow and steady doing things the right way. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t happen overnight. They will happen and all great things are worth the wait, right?
LEO:  For you, my Lioness friend the New Moon is happening in your house of health and routines. This is a good time to set new intentions for healthy habits, to develop routines around how you will make these new lifestyle changes happen. With Capricorn here, it is not going to be some fad diet. It is a lifestyle change you will be making to live a healthier lifestyle. You might make changes to your routine such as developing a meal plan, exercising on specific days, etc. You will be planting seeds to help you achieve your goals in practical ways that set you up for success.  
VIRGO:  For you my detail-oriented babe, this New Moon is in your 5th house. The 5th house is the house of romance, creativity, and children. Combining the energy of Capricorn and the 5th house, which is ruled by the Sun, this could be a time to manifest in a creative endeavor that you’ve been working on, or you might be suddenly inspired to create a passionate project that could be very detail orientated and that could take a long time to perfect. You could also be involved in romantic gestures that are very thought out, and with Capricorn here, take time to manifest. Think an elaborate date that has a lot of details and planning.  Also, you could have more fun with your children in a Capricorn way like making something that takes time such as an arts and crafts project for example. Whatever it is it will be a learning opportunity that takes time since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn rules time. You could also be planning a family at this time and it could either take a little longer than expected (but it will happen with Capricorn energy…think about that Goat (Cap) climbing up that mountain). Or you could start the planning process to thoroughly budget and plan out how to prepare for a family. None of these are exact scenarios of how this will exactly play out in your life I’m just giving you examples. Overall there will be an area in your life highlighted by creativity, romance, and/or children.
LIBRA: My sweet balanced Libra, this New Moon is hitting your 4th house. The 4th house rules your home and family. There is a new energy of focus and manifesting your hopes and wishes for your home and family life. Capricorn wants you to be pragmatic, to think long term, to make sure that your efforts are supporting your home and family life. Capricorn wants you to have savings for a rainy day, to work on your home (you could be making repairs and or getting rid of old things in the home right now). With Saturn here it these endeavors will take time and not happen overnight but you will accomplish them. You will be focused on creating security and working hard for your home and family life at this time.  
SCORPIO: For you my, Scorpio friends the New Moon is in your 3rd house. This is the house of communication and the people you see in your day-to-day life like siblings, cousins, neighbors, and the people you run into in your neighborhood while running to the grocery store for example. With this area highlighted you might see communication between you and someone else that you have been thinking about for awhile manifest. Or you this could spark some very well thought out conversations between you and someone in your day today. Think very thought out critical thinking type of conversation. Something that takes you from A-Z in a methodical manner that always stays on point. Another example is one of those conversations that you make notes beforehand to keep you on track. However, you most likely have been thinking about this for a while, so you won’t need those notes because they are memorized in your head. It could also be in a written form like an essay or a blog for example.
SAGITTARIUS: Fun loving Sagi’s this is happening in your 2nd house. The house of finances and self-worth. Some changes in your self-worth and finances for the better will be happening now. You could see some of the hard work you just put in over the last 2.5 years with Saturn in your sign come to fruition. Your income and/or self-worth can be increasing at this time.  It’s like the strength that it took and all the hard work that you just went through with Saturn in your sign for the last 2.5 years (Saturn the ruling planet of hard work, restriction, time, and endurance…all the things that natural lucky and impatient Sagi hates) has finally made you realize that if you can do that you can do anything. You’re a badass babe and now you are feeling it.   
CAPRICORN: This is all about you! This new moon is activating your house of Self. This could be a rebirth for you. The first house rules your physical self, the way you see yourself as well as the way others see you. This new moon could manifest changes in your physical appearance; in the way, you show up in the world, and the way others see you. You like to work hard and have treasures for a rainy day. Now it’s all about stepping into your power and being that strong, powerhouse that Capricorn is. It’s your time to shine boo, so just do you!
AQUARIUS: The New Moon is highlighting an area of your chart that has to do with things that are unseen like the spirit realm and dreams. It could also do with seclusion, isolation, and possibly far away places. This is a time to pay attention to your dreams. Some information could be coming to you. Also, some support from the spirit realm could be helping you now. In addition, it is possible that maybe some thoughts and ideas that you had during a time of isolation and introspection could come to fruition now. It is as if you are being called to just sit with these thoughts, feelings, and intuition provided from dreams, meditation, and/or the spirit realm and then take action when you know the time is right.  Most likely by the Eclipse in a couple of weeks. For now, you are being supported by the spirit realm/ancestors that will manifest for you.  
PISCES:  For you, the New Moon is activating your 11th house of friendships. It is a great time now to be around friend groups to network, and be social. You could be manifesting your “Tribe” right now, or making important connections related to career and advancement through your friends right now. Sometimes it’s not what you know but whom you know and that energy is activated by this new moon. You could also be looking at the friends you have right now in a practical way and releasing friendships that no longer serve you. Whatever the case may be, your friendships will be an area of importance right now.
See you next month!